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Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo, b. 1992.

Filmmaker and Media Literacy Educator.

Based in Paris, France.


I'm a French-Peruvian Filmmaker and Media Literacy Educator with an international experience coordinating multimedia and associative projects.

I've produced several award-winning films, including animation (El Motor y La Melodía (2D), Memoria Colectiva (2D)) and live-action documentaries (ODDATARA and ODDAFIP webdocumentaries).

I have also participated in the creation of XR experiences (Hacienda Herrera) and a Videogame (“Infodemic”).

My experience in Media Production led me to found "A Mí No Me La Hacen", Peru's foremost Media Literacy Association, which organizes workshops and events and creates educative content to help create a society more resilient to disinformation and more receptive to the evolutions of the media.

I am currently a Member of the UNESCO Latin America and the Caribbean Media and Information Literacy Alliance steering Committee.

Need support to make your project come true?

Need consulting on how to organize your education initiative?

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Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo


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